Meeting Point Activities – Blue Pass

With over 30 years of delivering naturalist experiences to thousands of guests, we provide top notch tours and activities. Get to know the most amazing natural destinations in Arenal and make the most out of your trip with a reliable partner for your vacations. Visit the most impressive places.

Meeting Point Activities

Don’t miss our guided tours & get a discounted price by driving to the tour’s location. Check some of the available activities to join in.

Waterfalls, rivers, volcanos, old cold lava flows… there’s plenty to see!

This was a fantastic experience! Roy, our guide and the rest of the crew were wonderful! – Allix Kidd

Naturalist, responsible & sustainable tourism.  Take a look at how we take care of our carbon footprint.

Get to trek through the forest canopy viewing it at eye level from the renowned Mistico Hanging Bridges.

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