a hanging bridge surrounded by lush rainforest in Mistico Park, Costa Rica

5 Reasons for Guided Tours at Mistico Park

In the heart of Costa Rica, Mistico Park spans a breathtaking 650 hectares. Within this expanse, 250 hectares are a carefully protected Tropical Rainforest reserve. This commitment showcases a deep dedication to conserving the environment and its rich biodiversity. This lush paradise, known for its incredible hanging bridges and vibrant ecosystem, welcomes travelers to explore nature’s wonders, guided by the expertise of Blue Pass Hub.

Exploring Mistico Park is far from just a simple stroll. It’s a journey into the heart of the wild, where every step uncovers the raw beauty of the jungle. And here’s something special: taking a guided tour at Mistico Park transforms a great adventure into an extraordinary one. Wondering why? Let’s explore the top five reasons that make guided tours in Mistico Park a must-do experience in Costa Rica.



hanging bridges adventure mistico
Crossing Mistico’s Hanging Bridges

Accessibility and Enjoyment for All Ages at Mistico Park

accesible tourism mistico park
Accesible tourism at Mistico Park, Costa Rica


At Mistico Park, inclusivity is a priority, making sure the natural beauty is accessible to everyone. The trails are designed to be easy to navigate for visitors of all ages and abilities, featuring smooth, non-slip concrete paths, without any stairs, and equipped with protective railings for safe exploration. There’s a pleasant 1.5 km path that’s ideal for a leisurely stroll, allowing all guests to comfortably admire the rainforest’s magnificence.

For those who might require assistance moving around, electric scooters are available. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to explore the park’s rich ecosystem. Here, a world of epiphytes, birds, mammals, and butterflies awaits, offering a close encounter with nature’s marvels in an inclusive setting.

Family-Friendly Features

For those pondering the accessibility of Mistico Park, rest assured that the park has been designed with families in mind. The pathways throughout the park are cemented and secure, making it an ideal setting for visitors with children. A stroller isn’t just an afterthought—it’s a fantastic way to ensure that even the smallest members of your family can enjoy the lush surroundings in comfort.

Strolling Through Nature: Concerned about bringing a 2-year-old along on your nature adventure? There’s no need to worry. Strollers are perfectly suited to Mistico Park’s trails and hanging bridges. These paths are maintained with care to ensure that strollers can move smoothly, allowing parents to navigate the park’s beauty without any hassle. This makes for a worry-free experience, letting you focus on the breathtaking views and exotic wildlife.

Convenient Stroller Rentals: To make your visit even easier, Mistico Park offers stroller rentals at the reception area. This service is a boon for parents who might not wish to bring their own stroller from home or need an extra one for the day. The available strollers are tailored for the park’s terrain, ensuring your child’s comfort and safety as you explore.

group tour arenal volcano mistico
Discover the creature hidden in the picture! Can you spot the sloth? Take a close look and see if you can find the master of camouflage blending into its surroundings. Happy searching!

Why Choose a Guided Tour?

1. Unmissable Wildlife Sightings with Local Guides

Mistico Park’s beauty isn’t just in its views but also its wildlife. Local guides, who know the forest well, can help you spot animals that are hard to see.

They’ll show you animals you might not find by yourself and tell you interesting facts about them. Walking through the forest alone is one thing, but exploring it with a guide who knows all its secrets offers a much richer experience. This is why guided tours at Mistico Park are so valuable.

2. Empower Local Economies

Choosing a guided tour at places like Mistico Park is more than just exploring; it’s a big boost for the local economy. By picking guided adventures, you help support local guides, artisans, and small businesses that are key to the community. These guides are not just leading you; they share stories and insights, connecting you with the local culture and nature.

guided tour rainforest path mistico


3. A Stress-Free Adventure

Choose a guided tour with Blue Pass Hub for a worry-free adventure. From logistics to safety, we handle it all, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Mistico Park fully. Let us worry about the details, so you can focus on enjoying the moment.

4. Tailored Adventures Just for You

Our guided tours are crafted to match your interests and fitness levels, ensuring a unique visit every time. From first-time explorers to seasoned adventurers, we offer personalized experiences, including popular combos like:

We also operate private tours contact us if you are interested to learn more here.

5. Forge Lasting Connections

Guided tours offer more than just sightseeing; they’re an opportunity to connect with fellow nature lovers. The shared experience fosters friendships that extend beyond the journey, enriching your adventure with meaningful interactions.

mistico park naturalist guide explaining
Our Guide Deibid Chacon with a guided tour at Mistico Park

Combining the Arenal Volcano Park and Mistico Hanging Bridges in One Day

Can you immerse yourself in the splendor of the volcano park and traverse the hanging bridges all in one sun cycle?

Absolutely! For the eager traveler, combining both attractions in a single day is feasible and can be an exhilarating way to experience the varied landscapes of the Arenal area. Blue Pass Hub offers tailored combo tours that smartly allocate time to each destination, allowing you to soak in the volcanic majesty and the hanging bridges’ treetop wonders without feeling rushed.

mistico park waterfall scenic view
mistico park waterfall scenic view

Mistico Park in Costa Rica opens up the rainforest’s heart, letting you deeply connect with nature. Picking a guided tour with Blue Pass Hub means more than just a visit.

It’s about diving into a journey that teaches you, keeps things easy, feels personal, and leaves you with memories that stick.


This exploration into the heart of Mistico Park, guided by the expertise and passion of Blue Pass Hub, promises an adventure that’s not just seen but felt, not just traveled but experienced.

Are you ready to discover the magic of Mistico Park with us? Book your tour with Blue Pass Hub now and step into a world full of excitement.


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