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Top 5 kid-friendly tours in La Fortuna


Planning a family vacation to Costa Rica and wondering what to do in La Fortuna? Explore the top 5 fun and Kid-Friendly Tours in La Fortuna, from the enchanting Mistico Hanging Bridges Park to the breathtaking Arenal Lake—perfect for first-time travelers and families with kids.

After 3 decades of experience as a family owned tour operator these top 5 kid-friendly tours in La Fortuna are sure to provide you with unforgettable memories and lots of smiles from your little ones.

1 kid friendly tours in La Fortuna

1)Arenal Volcano Hike

You can do several hikes around the Arenal Volcano. Here are the two popular ones:

  • Arenal Volcano Hike 1968 Trail:

The Arenal 1968 park boasts an extraordinary trail known as “Colada 68“, which offers the best lava flow walking experience in the entire Arenal Volcano region.

Accompanied by an expert naturalist guide, you’ll spend approximately 2 1⁄2 hours exploring this trail. Along the way, your kids will have the chance to step onto rocky terrain, connect with the serenity of nature, relish panoramic views of Lake Arenal and the Monteverde mountains, and witness the vibrant local flora and fauna.

This family-friendly hike promises not only an educational adventure but also ample opportunities for birdwatching and delightful animal encounters that your children will treasure for years to come.

kid friendly tours in La Fortuna 2

  • Arenal National Park Adventure (Península y Coladas Trails + Boat Ride)

Discover the captivating beauty of La Fortuna, Costa Rica, alongside your children as you set out to explore its most iconic landmark – the Arenal Volcano.

Includes two thrilling trails at Arenal Volcano National Park – the Las Coladas and La Peninsula trails, as well as an unforgettable boat ride on Lake Arenal.

The adventure begins with a short boat ride from the Arenal Lake dam, leading you to the entrance of Arenal Volcano National Park, where the “La Península” trail awaits.

As you venture deep into the rainforest, your expert naturalist guide will accompany you, offering fascinating insights.

The “Sendero Coladas” trail will transport you to the recent history of steaming lava flows. Your expert guide will unravel the tales and stories that resonate in this area, providing insights into La Fortuna’s remarkable biodiversity and geology.

Both hikes are suitable for all ages making it a great option for families seeking an adventurous yet manageable outdoor activity. 

kid friendly tours in La Fortuna 3

2)Mistico Hanging Bridges: one of the most Kid-Friendly Tours in La Fortuna

Nestled within the captivating beauty of the rainforest, Mistico Hanging Bridges promises a truly immersive experience for nature lovers of all ages.

As you venture across a series of suspension bridges (15 hanging bridges with different lengths from 5 to 100 meters), the breathtaking panorama of the lush landscape and the majestic Arenal Volcano unfolds before your eyes.
The park is a bustling hub of wildlife, with howler monkeys, toucans, and a kaleidoscope of butterflies making their home here.
Keep your kids curious, and you might be rewarded with the sight of a sloth leisurely hanging from a tree.

This enchanting rainforest isn’t just a visual delight but also an educational opportunity for the little ones. Knowledgeable guides are on hand to unveil the secrets of the local flora and fauna, making it a learning adventure for kids and adults alike.

Traveling with young children? This tour is ideal for family with babies.

The convenience of renting a stroller, complete with large tires, ensures a hassle-free exploration, even if you already have one of your own.

With well-maintained trails and bridges suitable for all ages, Mistico Hanging Bridges Park is a top choice for families seeking both an educational and awe-inspiring adventure.

Furthermore, the park’s commitment to inclusive tourism shines through with accessible trails designed for individuals with disabilities, making it an all-encompassing experience for everyone.

Recommended tour for kids for all ages.

kid friendly tours in La Fortuna 7

3) Safari Float (Peñas Blancas River)

This serene river is only 30 minutes from La Fortuna and is abundant in wildlife making at the top Kid-Friendly Tours in La Fortuna.

Your family will experience a relaxing journey immerses you in the heart of the rainforest, providing a unique perspective for spotting the area’s diverse wildlife.

You’ll have the chance to observe iguanas basking in the sun, colorful birds flitting through the trees, and even crocodiles lurking in the water. Your knowledgeable guide will be your window into the ecosystem, sharing captivating insights about the fascinating creatures that call this pristine environment home.

Important information:

  • Suggested tour for kids from 4 years old and up
  • Infants under 3 years are welcome as long as they fit into life vests. If the life vest doesn’t fit, an adult must remain on land with the infant, and there will be no refund applicable.

Check more information of this tour HERE.

Safari Float Tour Operator in La Fortuna

4) Chocolate tour & La Fortuna Waterfall Exploration

Indulge your sweet tooth with a tour that combines the rich history of chocolate with the stunning beauty of La Fortuna Waterfall. The tour starts with a visit to a local chocolate plantation, where you’ll learn how the cacao bean is transformed into delicious chocolate.

Get hands-on with chocolate tour at a local cocoa farm in Costa Rica. Kids can learn about the history of cocoa and participate in the chocolate-making process, from harvesting to tasting. It’s an engaging, educational, and delicious experience for the whole family.

After sampling some of the tasty treats, head over to La Fortuna Waterfall, a spectacular 200-foot cascade that’s sure to take your breath away. Take a dip in the refreshing pool at the base of the waterfall, and let the kids splash around to their heart’s content.

With a mix of cultural education and natural beauty, this tour is perfect for families looking to experience the best of La Fortuna in one fun-filled day.

Important information:

  • Suggested for kids from 4 years old and up
  • Infants under 3 years are allowed as long as parents take responsibility for carrying them.

kid friendly tours in La Fortuna 5

5) Experience Arenal Lake: Pick 4 Activities in a Day:

Boat Tour, Kayaking, and SUP do it all in one with the Flexi Pass!

Explore the beauty of Arenal Lake and its breathtaking surroundings with our 4-in-1 Activity Combo Day Pass. This extraordinary package includes kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, a scenic boat ride, and a hike through Arenal National Park.

It’s a perfect way to experience the best of the region with the flexibility to choose your adventures.

Important information:

  • Children from 4 to 11 years old.
  • Infants 3 years or younger without charge.
  • Only those over 4 years old can do water activities kayak or paddle board.

Kayak Arenal Lake

We understand that when traveling with kids, the right activities can make all the difference.

That’s why we’ve handpicked the top 5 kid-friendly tours in La Fortuna to ensure that your little ones not only enjoy every moment but also create unforgettable memories.

Read our most recent TripAdvisor review for firsthand insights from fellow families that did kid-friendly tours in La Fortuna.

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